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Welcome to Feather Central. Feather Central consists of the feathered and furry members of my family outside of my horses. Each member has their own personality and they are great to interact with or just watch them ham it up.



Above is Sweetie, she was my first parrot. She came into my life at a very low point in my life. She went through a lot with me, gently kissing away my tears.

Above is Skylar Blue, she joined the family in November of 2004. I got her from a great man in Rockford, IL. Cliff has the Baby Bird Farm and he has special babies. Skylar is a shy girl, but she will still do the Quaker bob for me.

Above is Soleil, Soleil joined the group in November of 2004 also. We got Soleil at a bird fair in New Orleans. This picture is of her shortly after joining the family. Her colors are more vivid now.

Above is Mister Peanut, he joined the family in January of 2005. Peanut is a funny guy. He is always learning new words and his favorite phrase is Whatchadoin. He also knows how to whisper and he whispers night night at bed time.

Above is Mackenzie, aka Big Mack. She adopted me in August of 2005. She was a persistant little parrot at a bird show in St. Louis. She just insisted that I was hers. She even went so far as to bit the woman who hand fed her, she bit my friend and she bit the author of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, Mark Bittner. She insists that she be with me all the time. Very persuasive little varmint.

Above are Lilo (left) and Stitch (right). Sadly Lilo and Stitch have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Nani (a picture to be posted at a later date) and Jumba, in a neighboring hut, (picture to come later) have joined the family.

Above is the newest member of Feather Central, GizMo. She is a sweet little soul. She loves her bonding pocket and is just so cute when she eats her mealworms.

It truely is amazing how animals touch our lives. Sweetie came into my life at a very low time. Having lost my mom to cancer in 2002, I became my fathers caregiver, as he had suffered a stroke back in 1996. I also lost my job of 15 plus years and returned to school.

December 10, 2003, at the end of my third semester at school, Dad suffered another stroke, combined with sudden onset of congestive heart failure. My life was in turmoil. Trying to finish the semester, make arrangements for Dad's care, as they told me I wouldn't be able to care for him at home, and pre-arrange his funeral. On December 16, 2003 while at a petstore getting supplies for the Cavys I was enamored by some Quaker parrots in a cage, on impulse I decided to get one. The sales gal there talked me into taking a little Quaker who had been there the longest, stuffed in a corner under a cage of Finches, where no one could see her. Dad passed away three days later.

Sweetie went through a lot with me, she went back and forth to school with me, as I moved in with my boyfriend's family and went up to school for three days a week. She really started my love of parrots. I have always loved animals and tried several times after Moms passing to get Dad into a petstore. I really felt that a dog or a parrot would have enriched my Dad's life. After having parrots for 4 years now, I know my Dad would have had a blast with them, although they probably would know a few swear words from Dad, specially during football season.

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